Breast Pumps

Written by Patricia Skinner
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In recent years the sales of breast pumps have really taken off. When maternity leave comes to an end, it can be a tough decision whether to continue with breastfeeding, which you know is the supreme nutrition for your baby, or to switch to formula. Apart from nutrition issues, you want to keep your baby's life as stable as possible and to not change anything you don't have to, so that you can keep the routine established.

Breast Pumps Can Solve Problems

Changing to formula can trigger many problems for some mothers and babies. The change in feeding routine can cause colic and diaper rash, and can disrupt the sleep routine which you want to avoid at all costs. Breast pumps can be the answer, because they mean that your baby can continue to have the benefits of mother's milk even though you are back to work.

A good breast pump can mean a fast, clean solution to what to do with your extra breast milk. In addition, milk can be stored in the refrigerator, or even the freezer, for use at a later time. Providing you have a refrigerator at work or wherever your destination is, you can continue to pump off extra breast milk so it can be used whenever it's needed.

Electric breast pumps have proven to be a favorite with busy women. They are very easy to use and are not painful, as some hand operated breast pumps can be. Today's breast pumps are small, light, and convenient to take with you and use anywhere too. Make sure you keep all parts of your breast pump clean at all times to avoid the danger of dangerous microbes finding their way into your baby's system.

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