Maternity Jeans

Written by Patricia Skinner
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A couple of pairs of good quality maternity jeans constituting core essentials for your capsule maternity wardrobe are in keeping with the best advice of the maternity fashion experts. They're versatile, comfortable, can be very flattering and they're dark in color. Even if you're not normally the jeans type you may discover that jeans during pregnancy become your favorite.

The new boot cut style maternity jeans are perfect because they create a slim silhouette. They can look as casual as you wish with the right accessories and a top, or you can dress them up so that they look quite elegant. When choosing tops, if you want to look as smart as possible and draw attention away from your size, then pick plainer one-color fabrics. Patterns, especially if they are large, tend to create a "larger" effect.

Go For Quality Maternity Jeans

As with anything else, you get what you pay for. So expect to pay for at least one pair of good quality maternity jeans that will grow with you. If you like the freshly washed and pressed look, go for jeans that have a percentage of Spandex. This has the admirably quality of always looking as if you just put it on! If you don't like the gently hugging qualities of denim with Spandex, however, go for maternity jeans made from 100 percent cotton denim and you'll be happy.

The better quality maternity jeans often offer a neat waist expansion system. If you want to wear your jeans after you give birth, go for this kind of style rather than the stretchy front panel. If you're going for comfort, nothing beats the slightly supportive and supremely comfortably stretchy tummy panel you can find with some types of maternity jeans.

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