Maternity Pants

Written by Patricia Skinner
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If you're used to wearing pants all the time, the first item of maternity wear you'll be looking for is maternity pants. What kind of maternity pants you choose is largely a matter of preference, because you can get just about anything you have in mind. The main issue is what kind of tummy accommodation arrangement you prefer.

Some pregnant women just adore maternity pants with the stretchy panels to accommodate a growing tummy comfortably. Others hate the panel because it is just so maternity! These women prefer the kind of pants that have an adjustable panel made from the same fabric as the pants themselves, which is usually let in or out by some kind of strap at each side. These have the advantage that you can wear a top either in or out of the pants, but with a stretch panel you can only wear a loose top that will cover the panel.

Base Your Wardrobe on Maternity Pants

The advantage to making a few pairs of maternity pants the basis of a capsule maternity wardrobe is that they're so versatile. You can dress them up or down with the right kind of top, and with today's fabrics they are supremely easy to care for. In addition, the right kind of pants will help you keep a streamlined profile; you won't want to pick any styles that will do anything to enlarge your silhouette!

Because they can be adjusted down as well as up, you can look forward to making use of your maternity pants after the birth of your baby too. Although you will soon be wearing your ordinary clothes, don't expect to do that for at least a couple of months after the birth. If you have picked maternity clothes that you really love, and that are a reflection of your own personal style, you won't find it such a terrible thing to keep wearing them for a few weeks more.

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