Maternity Shirts

Written by Patricia Skinner
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For lots of us the "big" shirt is a wardrobe staple, so it's not surprising that many women go for maternity shirts for stylish comfort while they await the happy event. But the larger shirts are not the only type of maternity shirts you can find. In fact you can even find some quite sleek styles that are only sized up over your bump area for practicality's sake.

Whatever fashions you love to wear, look out for them in maternity ranges because most companies are now just making a few adjustments to the same styles that are "of the moment" for their maternity ranges. Maternity shirts are a very popular item with women because they are so practical. No need to make any compromises with the way you look and feel just because you're pregnant.

Economize with Maternity Shirts

However much you love maternity shirts, don't make the huge mistake of buying a whole collection of them right at the beginning of your pregnancy. It's far better to "buy as you grow," because no one knows just how much you're going to expand. Some women hardly change their shape at all, especially if it's a first baby. Others just keep on expanding! Don't panic if you're in this last category, because you'll most likely lose all this extra weight with no effort at all, especially if you're the type that just holds a lot of water during pregnancy.

You really don't need a lot of maternity shirts or any other item of maternity clothing. If you choose wisely you will be able to accessorize and mix and match so that a handful of items will give you a lot of different looks. Remember that since your husband is quite a bit larger than you, his shirts would make great maternity shirts too!

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These are beautiful as alwyas! The mum to be is gorgeous and glowing with joy. You have captured some wonderful images for them. Cant wait to see the newborn images.