Medela Breast Pumps

Written by Patricia Skinner
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If the flagship model of Medela breast pumps, the Medela Advanced Breast Pump, is a little outside your budget, you still have several other models to choose from. Reviews of Medela pumps get consistently effusive reviews; far more so than their competitors. This shows that the Medela company has probably listened very carefully to women, regarding what they want in a breast pump.

So what advantages do Medela breast pumps offer us? To begin with, they can be used to pump both breasts at once. This can be of great value to a busy career woman who is trying to get the job of pumping off her breast milk finished before an important meeting!

But of course, no matter how important it is, speed isn't everything. Comfort comes pretty high on our list too. Again, reviewers say that their Medela pump gives them the comfort they're looking for again and again. As any woman who has ever tried a hand-operated breast pump will testify, pumping off breast milk can be very painful indeed. Any pump that can do what is required without traumatizing a poor mom is likely to be highly valued, and highly appreciated.

The Ultimate Reason Women Love Medela Breast Pumps

Women praise Medela breast pumps for a lot of reasons. But perhaps the most compelling reason to be mentioned is that it allows women to realistically plan to give their babies the benefits of mother's milk long after their maternity leave is over. Many of us have tried pumps that didn't live up to their claims. They are often painful, time consuming and clumsy and mean that the breastfeeding cause is abandoned in pursuit of sanity, often after only a few weeks of perseverance.

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