Medela Products

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Among the most popular breast pumps used by women anywhere are Medela products. Medela makes a wide range of efficient pumps for use by women who, for one reason or another, wish to express their breast milk. Breast milk is precious and more and more women are realizing that it is by far the best nourishment for their growing babies.

Medela products are all leaders in the field of assisting busy career women fulfill their maternal instincts by providing their infant with breast milk for as long as possible. Expressed breast milk may be kept in the refrigerator for up to a week and may be stored frozen for up to six months. This means you can start creating your stash of breast milk for later use before you actually go back to work.

Your Breast Milk and Medela Products

Once you are back at work, Medela products can help you to express your milk during breaks. You can conveniently refrigerate your milk and later transfer it to your refrigerator at home. It is absolutely essential to label every container of breast milk with your name and the date you produced it. You don't want your coworkers using it for their tea!

Make sure your expressed breast milk is always kept cold. If you leave it at room temperature for any length of time it's best not to use it. Wash all the parts of your Medela products that come into contact with your milk every time you use it. Using soapy water and then rinsing, you can keep your unit clean easily and thus avoid any contamination.

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