Nursing Bras

Written by Patricia Skinner
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There's no hard and fast rule for what type of nursing bras are best for nursing mothers. In fact, there is a wide range of different styles and different construction. We're all different, so these differences are bound to exist. But there are a few rules we all have to follow if the nursing bras we buy are to help us and not hinder us in our quest to provide breast milk for our baby.

To begin with, nursing bras should be as supportive as possible without being restricting. It's important that the blood and lymph flow in your breast area is not restricted in the least. Apart from being very unhealthy for you to wear anything tight for long periods of time, this can hamper lactation.

Special Nursing Bras

Although some women find they get along fine by just slipping a nursing pad into a bra, others find it impossible to keep them in place properly without some kind of special compartment in the bra itself. It's easy to find nursing bras that have a special pocket to keep lactation pads securely positioned where they're needed. This will be particularly important to you if you work, as leaks can be very embarrassing indeed.

Try not to buy nursing bras before you actually give birth. You may be shocked at how much your breasts expand during pregnancy, but this is often a drop in the ocean to the expansion that takes place once lactation begins. It's hard to tell ahead of time what size nursing bra you're going to need, so if you can hang on for a week or two, you may be able to avoid expensive mistakes.

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