Nursing Clothes

Written by Patricia Skinner
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You may well be able to make good use of your maternity clothes as nursing clothes, as many are made especially for this purpose. However, it's likely that you'll at least need a few specially made tops that will allow speedy and uncomplicated access to your breasts for baby's convenience.

Actually special nursing clothes are not just for baby's convenience though. They're also to allow nursing moms a high degree of privacy, and to allow discreet nursing. You can easily nurse a baby in public by draping a cotton square, or a cot sheet over your breast area. You'll have to start this habit early on though, or you'll find that baby rejects it most aggressively if it's something new to him.

Discreet Nursing Clothes

Perhaps the most important item of nursing clothes is something that no one else will ever see. You will need a supply of good nursing bras for a successful nursing experience. Some women prefer the type that unhooks in the front, and others prefer the peel down panel for convenience. Whatever you choose, make sure that it's a perfect fit and does not pinch or restrict anywhere.

Apart from a few specially constructed bras, tops, and perhaps nightgowns, to facilitate nursing, you won't really need anything else in the way of nursing clothes. You're going to need more in the way or nursing accessories, such as a breast pump and lactation pads. These will be all the more important to you if you want to go back to work and continue nursing.

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