Authentic Hawaiian Shirts

Written by Seth Cotterell
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The history of Hawaiian shirts is a long and interesting one. They first began to appear on the mainland in the 1930s, long before Hawaii was even a state. The nearly ten years following the end of prohibition and the United State's entry into World War II were chaotic times at home and abroad. The situation in Europe was increasingly tense and people around the world were preoccupied with events unraveling there.

As an escape from the gloom of the international situation, which, according to author Tom Robbins, was "desperate as usual," American citizens needed something to symbolize a generous spirit and a fun-loving attitude. Thus the Hawaiian, or aloha, shirt was born. Hawaiian shirts, with their bright, colorful, fun prints of animals, fruits, flowers and other beautiful scenes, were symbols of the carefree attitude and easygoing nature of the tropical island paradise.

Authentic Hawaiian Shirts Are Always a Hit

Authentic Hawaiian shirts today capture the same attitude. They are meant as a statement of an individual's outlook on life. By wearing an authentic Hawaiian shirt, a person makes a statement about his or her life and how it should be lived. It is as if that person were saying "Yes, life is tough, but it is also beautiful and fun and should be appreciated like a walk on the beach." An authentic Hawaiian shirt is an outward expression of that attitude.

Authentic Hawaiian shirts have gone beyond the traditional images of pineapples, birds, and hula girls. Hawaiian shirt companies now include prints depicting many different activities. Prints featuring sports like golf and pastimes like motorcycle riding are an excellent way to capture the essence and attitude of the people engaged in these activities.

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