Bills Khakis

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Bills khakis cover everything from light- and heavyweight twill pants to canvas shorts and six-wale corduroys. Whether you're heading out for an afternoon at the ballpark or sitting in on an important focus group on "casual Friday," there's enough versatility in the Bills line to accommodate. Best of all, the same attention to detail goes into the craftsmanship of every piece in the Bills catalog.

The 8.5-ounce cotton twill pants are the foundation for the rest of the Bills khakis line. The grade refers to the weight of the fabric per square yard, which is an indication of its ruggedness but also determines how the pants look when worn. Generally, heavier fabrics are not only sturdier (and hence resistant to holes and rips), they're often easier to maintain as well.

More on the Bills Khakis Line

Let's face it: there are days when heavy pants, no matter how great they look, are just too uncomfortable to wear. The makers of Bills khakis took this to heart when designing their line, which includes lighter-weight poplin pants, which, like their cotton twill counterparts, are made from 100-percent cotton. The difference is that the poplin pants only weigh about five and a half ounces per square yard, thereby giving you more breathing room on warmer days.

On the other hand, there are days when heavier Bills khakis are called for, especially if you live in the northern midwest or New England. These flannel-lined khakis provide you an extra layer of padding when the winds start howling. Still, they never skimp on sharp looks and are right at home with wool shirts, flannels, and sweaters.

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