College Ties

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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There's no better way to show your school spirit well after you've departed the college ranks than by wearing college ties that reflect your alma mater's colors. First, a point of clarification: college ties do not necessarily sport the logo of your college or university. Hence, there are no Fighting Mules or Battling Water Buffaloes. Instead, there are several regimented designs from which to choose, all in your school colors.

The defining variable of college ties then is really pattern width, since the standard college tie comes in diagonally striped bars. You can choose from wide bars, medium bars, or thin bars, each of which suits a different intended look. If your shirt boasts a subtle check or plaid pattern, you might want to choose a bar width to match. If you're starting with a solid shirt, on the other hand, the choice is up to you.

Make a Statement with College Ties

Whether you're heading to your college town on business or just getting together with some frat brothers for the game, college ties are a fine way to show your school spirit. One technique some job applicants use (and to their advantage, no doubt) is to don their college ties when they know they're interviewing with one of their school's alums. Even if it already says Harvard on your resume, donning the crimson is a subtle reminder that you and your prospective boss are simpatico (even if, as it turns out, he was expelled for failing grades).

It's rare for avid sports fans to don their school ties before heading out to the stadium for the big game, especially in warmer climates where it's bad enough being in the open sun without getting rigged out in a shirt and tie. That said, you can make a casual statement at the office by wearing your maize and blue or red and gold, even if it's so subtle that nobody realizes it. For those who never made it to college, there are always the ties from those schools you'd hoped to attend, even if it wasn't in the cards for you.

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