Corvette Hawaiian Shirts

Written by Seth Cotterell
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The Hawaiian shirt is the symbol of the Hawaiian attitude. These shirts symbolize warmth, generosity, freedom, magic, and an easygoing way of life. They have traditionally featured depictions of animals, plants, and activities native to the island paradise. They have been adopted by people in all walks of life and geographic areas as statements of personality and philosophy. A person who wears a Hawaiian shirt says that he or she is filled with the same generosity and warmth, no matter where they live.

The Corvette is one of the great symbols of American attitude. The Corvette is the classic American sports car. It symbolizes speed, power, beauty, freedom, and an carefree attitude. A person who drives a Corvette makes a statement that he or she identifies with the beauty and freedom exemplified by the Corvette.

The Corvette and the Hawaiian Shirt

It is no wonder then that these two great symbols of attitude and personality, the Hawaiian shirt and the Corvette, have come together to create a new symbol of the American character. Corvette Hawaiian shirts make a direct statement about their wearer. They say that the person is not only easygoing and generous, but also that the person identifies with the sense of freedom that is at the heart of the American dream. Corvette Hawaiian shirts are becoming more popular than ever.

A Corvette Hawaiian shirt has the same design and bold color scheme of the traditional Hawaiian shirt, adorned with images of the classic American sports car. Corvette Hawaiian shirts often feature images of many different Corvette models, old and new. They may also feature other road-related imagery such as street signs or stop lights.

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