Cuff Links

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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When it comes to cuff links, the typical experience for men goes as follows. It's prom, and an 18-year-old boy dons his first-ever tuxedo. Once he's done dressing himself to the nines, there's one mysterious accessory left over. He eyes it suspiciously, unsure as to whether it came from the same bag as his cummerbund and bow tie or simply came unscrewed from the back of his PC.

Cuff links have, regrettably, gone the way of the Dodo for just about all men outside the courthouse or Mafia, which is a shame, since they provide a great opportunity to make a fashion statement. Men who grumble about the limited options available on the style front typically overlook things such as pocket squares, cravats, and yes, cuff links. One reason for this latter omission is obvious: the accessory seems to serve no useful function.

Where Cuff Links Fit In

Admittedly, cuff links, with their shiny cloisonne finish, do look cool as fashion accessories, however they also serve to bind your shirt sleeve's cuffs. In this respect, they're much like ties, whose purpose, aside from adding the appearance of length to those with shorter builds, is to bind the tabs of the shirt collar. The reality, though, is that most men don't work in jobs that require such sophisticated dress, and so links remain largely ignored.

Should you have the occasion to wear them, whether for a prom, a graduation, a wedding, or even a funeral, you might prefer to choose the conservative black or silver variety first. If it turns out that these little gems become a regular staple in your uniform, however, you might try stepping up to a trendier set of colored links. Here, you can choose colors and styles that complement your shirt's pattern and hue for an even more accessorized look.

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