Custom Shirts

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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If you've mastered the Brooks Brothers and Burberry circuit, it may be high time for your matriculation into the world of custom shirts. Who exactly buys customs shirts? Well, for one, those style mavens who care enough to smooth out the wrinkles between their shoulder blades and leave just enough space in the collar to insert a thumb. Second, those who earn enough to do so typically splurge for custom shirts.

There are two different strata when it comes to custom shirts. There's the Michael Jordan approach, in which, ideally, you'll have your very own tailor on hand to build your shirts from scratch to ensure that they fit perfectly at every seam and cuff. For those who aren't six-time NBA champs with their own coterie of designers, there are custom options available through higher-end stores that allow you to choose your own fabric, pattern, color, and measurements from a hefty list, then cobble them all together in one piece.

Custom Shirts as Part of an Ensemble

Choosing your own personal specifications is a luxury that most men simply can't afford. Those who can, however, take pride in selecting a collar style that flatters their body type and facial characteristics as well as choosing patterns that complement their stock of ties and kerchiefs. It may be easier for burgeoning style hounds to choose their accessories after they've landed the basics (shirts, pants, jackets), but those who've been in the game a while longer may just as soon work in reverse.

The reason for this is simple. Over the course of 10 or 20 years of experimentation, most men learn which choices serve them and which ones don't. This is known as developing one's personal sense of style, and it's an endeavor that far too few men take up with any seriousness. Those who do, however, tend to develop closets that are characterized by themes and trends that make buying custom shirts that much easier, since they already know what they're after.

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