Fish Print Shirts

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Native plant and animal species have always been featured prominently in classic Hawaiian shirt design. The Hawaiian shirt is meant to represent the spirit of Hawaii and its people. It is a spirit that is at once magical and easygoing. It is a spirit that gives the former island kingdom its unique blend of charm and personality.

Hawaii is an island paradise. It is the jewel of the Pacific Ocean, and as such, it shares a connection with the sea and all its creatures. As a result, fish have always been one of the most important symbols of the land and one of the most commonly depicted animals on authentic Hawaiian shirts. Various native fish appear in many ways on classic Hawaiian shirts.

Fish Print Hawaiian Shirts

Modern Hawaiian shirt companies have adopted the fish motif as their own and continue the tradition of ocean-themed Hawaiian shirt designs. Today's fish print shirts depict not only native fish species, but a wide variety of marine mammals, crustaceans, and other non-native fish. Whales and dolphins, for example, though they are mammals and not fish are so closely associated with Hawaii that they are seen on many Hawaiian shirts today.

The best place to shop for fish print and other Hawaiian shirts is online. Few retailers carry good selections of Hawaiian shirts, but shirt companies typically have excellent websites that allow customers to view available prints, check sizes, select materials, and place orders right from home. All you need is internet access to view and order authentic Hawaiian shirts for yourself or as a gift for someone special.

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