Hawaiian Airplane Shirts

Written by Seth Cotterell
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The Hawaiian luau party is an American tradition. No summer seems complete without a Hawaiian-themed party in your backyard or in your living room. Tiki torches, pineapples, a roasting pig, and an ample supply of leis are all necessities for an enjoyable luau. Wardrobe is also another important consideration. The right clothing will make your next Hawaiian luau even more enjoyable.

We're all familiar with the classic Hawaiian shirt. The Hawaiian shirt has been popular in this country and around the world for over half a century and there's no sign of that changing. Authentic Hawaiian shirts featuring native fruits like pineapple, native fish and other animals, as well as Hawaiian plants are extremely popular. There are also novelty prints that are equally popular.

Hawaiian Airplane Shirts Are Always a Party Favorite

One of my personal favorite Hawaiian shirt designs is the Hawaiian airplane shirt. There are actually many different airplane shirt designs depicting different types of planes used over the years. Fighter planes are a favorite, but there are also airplane shirts with a commercial aviation theme. WWII fighter jets and older bi-planes give a shirt a sense of excitement and danger. Large passenger planes on a shirt show that the wearer is an aviation enthusiast with a passion for travel.

A Hawaiian airplane shirt or other novelty print is an ideal way to spice up your next luau party. Among all the Hawaiian shirts that will certainly be on display at the party, yours will stand out as unique and interesting. A novelty airplane print is always a hit at luau parties and other Hawaiian-themed events.

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