Hawaiian Apparel

Written by Seth Cotterell
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The right apparel will make your next backyard luau feel like an authentic Hawaiian celebration and will impress your friends and party guests. The right apparel can mean the different between a mediocre gathering and a great party. It shows that you put in the effort to make this party better than all the other summer luaus you'll probably be invited to.

Necessary Hawaiian Apparel

The most important piece of Hawaiian apparel is the Hawaiian shirt. The Hawaiian shirt is recognized the world over as the symbol of the Hawaiian spirit. The relaxed, warm, fun Hawaiian attitude is communicated directly through the Hawaiian shirt. A classic Hawaiian shirt featuring depictions of native plant and animal species will give a sense of authenticity to any backyard luau.

If the traditional Hawaiian shirt is not what you're after, there are dozens of novelty prints that will add variety and whimsy to your gathering. Chili pepper prints are popular because of their bright colors and sense of fun. Cocktail shirts are also popular, as are all alcohol-themed shirts. Shirts with a gambling or sporting theme are a good contrast to the traditional floral prints that are widely worn.

Other important pieces of apparel include flip flops, shorts, sunglasses, and other beach clothing and accessories. A sarong is a classy and good looking item for women, and of course the traditional grass skirt is a common piece of apparel you'll want to include at your party. Hawaiian apparel and other beach clothing are not just for parties, either. They're great for everyday wear and are especially suited for a day at the beach or out in the sun.

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