Hawaiian Fish Shirts

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Traditional Hawaiian shirts are typically made with floral designs or depictions of other plants and animal species native to the islands. Of all the animals represented on Hawaiian shirts, the fish is perhaps the most popular. Hawaiian fish shirts remind us of the beauty and grandeur of the ocean and the tropical paradise that is its jewel.

Hawaiian fish shirts often feature species of fish found only in the waters off the Hawaiian islands. Such fish are the ultimate animal symbol of Hawaii and are what draw millions of tourists there each year. A chance to bask in the pristine waters of the islands and to snorkel with the unique fish that inhabit those waters is one of the primary draws of Hawaii.

Hawaiian Fish Shirts Are Fun and Relaxed

Hawaiian fish shirts are an excellent way to relive fond memories, even after the vacation has ended. Whenever you're feeling nostalgic for the warmth and beauty of the islands, simply put on your Hawaiian fish shirt and it's like being back in the islands all over again. You can feel like you're still swimming around those beautiful coral reefs, even in you live in Wisconsin.

Many people would not care to make such distinctions, but as an amateur biologist and provider of accurate information, I feel it is my duty to point out that not all Hawaiian fish shirts actually depict fish. Dolphins and whales are not fish at all, but marine mammals. They are actually more closely related to human beings than they are to fish, but they are still wonderful and rare symbols of the island paradise. Conservation of Hawaii's native fish and marine mammal species is the responsibility of each and every one of us.

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