Hawaiian Flower Shirts

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Traditional, authentic Hawaiian shirts most often depict floral designs of some sort. Flowers native to the Hawaiian islands are the most common design produced by most shirt manufacturers. Like the native flowers themselves, there is no shortage of variety in Hawaiian flower print shirts. There are literally dozens of different flower designs available from a good shirt maker, each with its own beauty and style.

A trip to the local Hawaiian shirt store or online distributor will show you just how many different flower shirts there are. If you have the time to peruse the entire selection, you'll notice many different flowers, colors, and styles to choose from. The orchid, for example, is one of Hawaii's most beautiful flowers and makes a good shirt design.

Other Hawaiian flowers and plants that look good on shirts include coconut trees, hibiscus, bamboo, and pineapple. Each of these is a recognizable symbol of Hawaii and with the right color and pattern can make a very attractive shirt. One Hawaiian shirt company I researched had over two dozen different flower shirts available.

Ordering Hawaiian Flower Shirts

With so many options, selecting a Hawaiian flower shirt design can be tough, but getting that shirt should not be. The best Hawaiian shirt companies will ship orders directly to your home or office. Shipping times will of course vary, but the top shirt distributors will make an effort to ship all orders within one business day after the order is placed. This means that shirts should arrive within a week or so of ordering. Some companies even offer shipping discounts for larger orders.

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