Hawaiian Prints

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Hawaiian prints are as diverse as the islands and their people. There is no standard or universal Hawaiian shirt because there is no single symbol of Hawaii. A place so beautiful and pristine cannot be reduced to a single image and the fashion of the land is accordingly varied.

Diversity in Hawaiian Prints

There is incredible diversity and variety in Hawaiian prints. Shirts and other articles of clothing often reflect characteristics of the islands. Species of plants and animals native to the islands and the surrounding waters are frequently found on Hawaiian clothing. Bright colors and flashy designs illustrate the warmth, freedom, and local character of the islands.

The definition of a Hawaiian print has expanded over the years. A Hawaiian shirt no longer needs to depict only native flowers and animals. It is more the personality and character of Hawaii that is meant to be captured in Hawaiian clothing. Any print that exhibits a person's good nature, fun-loving attitude, and sense of enjoyment can be considered a Hawaiian print. Shirts with sports, alcohol, and gambling themes are becoming quite popular.

Finding the right Hawaiian print can be tricky. There are few retail stores with good selections of Hawaiian prints. Most retail outlets stock only a few basic Hawaiian shirts and prints. A better alternative might be an online distributor. Online distributors are able to have wider selections as well as lower prices. There are far more designs and styles that can be ordered easily online than can be found in a local store these days.

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