Hawaiian Shirt Designs

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Next time you want to see true variety in fashion and design, you might want to visit a local Hawaiian shirt store or online distributor. There is incredible variety in Hawaiian shirt designs. The different colors, themes, and imagery found in Hawaiian clothing make for a huge selection and limitless number of possible combinations.

Traditionally, Hawaiian shirt designs have had a tropical or floral theme. Representations of the flowers and plants found in Hawaii were the original prints offered when the Hawaiian shirt first hit the fashion world by storm in the 1930s. Orchids, pineapples, coconut trees, and other native flora are still the most popular Hawaiian shirt designs to this day.

Hawaiian Shirt Designs--More than Just Plants and Flowers

Party- and recreational-themed shirts are also popular Hawaiian shirt designs. Shirts with alcohol imagery are common. Hawaiian beer shirts or cocktail shirts convey the sense of fun and relaxation that make Hawaiian shirts appealing. Different beers and cocktails can be pictured in a wide range of colors for greater variety and enjoyment. Martini glasses always look good on Hawaiian shirts, as do various alcohol accessories (like tropical drink umbrellas!).

Novelty prints are fast becoming one of the most sought-after style of Hawaiian shirt. Hawaiian shirt novelty prints do not necessarily display traditionally Hawaiian imagery. Instead of native flora and fauna, novelty shirts show a wide range of activities and pastimes people enjoy. Some have gambling or casino themes while others might feature musical instruments or scantily clad women. No matter what you're into, odds are that there is a Hawaiian shirt design that will make a statement about you and your life.

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