Hot Rod Shirts

Written by Seth Cotterell
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The clothes you wear and the things you do for recreation say more about you as a person than practically anything else. They are the two most outwardly visible things you do to announce to others what kind of individual you are and what kind of life you lead. They are statements about your personality and the way you see the world.

Hawaiian shirts are a definite statement about yourself. Hawaiian wear says to others that you are a fun loving, laid back person. Hawaiian wear carries with it an essence of relaxation and a casual attitude. Hawaiian shirt wearers tend to be open minded, personable, and not at all uptight. They announce to others that drama and stress are not welcome here.

A person interested in hot rods is also making a statement. The statement is that this person is about freedom and individuality. The love of the open road and an appreciation for beauty is what appeals to the hot rod enthusiast. Hot rods are elegant and powerful machines that express a sense of creative individualism and confidence.

Hot Rod Shirts Announce Your Passion for Cars

It is only natural that these two things should come together. The laid back, casual Hawaiian shirt is the perfect fashion for the freedom loving, individualistic hot rod enthusiast. It is a common sight in garages around the country to find a hot rod lover blissfully working away on his or her newest ride wearing a favorite stylish Hawaiian shirt.

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