Khaki Shorts

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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For the fashionable, there's no good reason to feel constrained by your choices in khaki shorts, which are often the scourge of designers. That's because enough variability exists from style to style to give business people, golfers, yard workers, and weekend warriors the options they demand. Those who live in hot or humid climates practically live in their khaki shorts, in some cases even in their offices.

Khaki shorts come with or without pleats, drill-cloth pockets, brass zippers, and roomy seats. They may ride high on the hips, almost to the waist, or else down below the hip bone, which can be more comfortable, if less professional. Lest you think that all khaki shorts are inherently unprofessional think again. As style guidelines grow increasingly relaxed in the workplace, shorts of all kinds are growing more prevalent, though this varies from industry to industry.

Choices in Khaki Shorts

Taller men often have an easier time pulling off pleated khaki shorts than do their shorter counterparts, who often look even more diminutive in pleats. If it's trendiness you're after, the flat-front khaki is the way to go. More conservative types who feel similarly at home in double-breasted suits often prefer the tradition of pleated pants, no matter what the fabric. Check the shelves of your local Banana Republic, however, and you'll see mostly pleated parcels on the shelves, a clear indication that the flat-fronts have already left the building.

Durability is another consideration one must make when shopping for khakis. Oftentimes, the bargain-bin 20-dollar shorts cut corners on quality control or are made from shoddier cotton that falls apart after one spin cycle. It's worth shelling out the 40 or 50 dollars for a sturdier pair of shorts that will last you through the summer and fall (and even the following year) instead of die with the current season.

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