Large Size Pants

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Some men prefer large size pants for the mobility and comfort they afford. Those who stay seated at a desk all day place enough physical stress on their bodies without adding to their misery by wearing tight pants. In fact, over the course of an eight-hour workday, even pants that fit have a tendency to "creep" and hence become even more restrictive.

It's not uncommon for men to choose large size pants a full size or two above that of their waist size. The excess slack in the waist band can be held in check with a reliable belt, then let out over the course of the day. When it comes time for a water cooler or coffee trip, just remember to take up the slack by readjusting your clasp and your keep. That way you won't end up parading around your office in your Scooby-Doo boxer shorts.

Finding Large Size Pants

Perhaps you're a size 34--as it seems all men are--and have gone to the rack only to find pair upon pair of size 26 jeans. Men who have common sizes are often forced to make some style and comfort concessions if they're ever to find a good pair of pants. For this reason, 34s end up buying 36s and even 38s, then compensate for the extra real estate by using the aforementioned tactic. Consequently, it can be hard to find even large size pants that barely fit you.

It seems the only shoppers who are safe are men who wear 40s and above, though this is a select lot. That's because as waist sizes increase, so too do pant lengths, so unless you're 250 lbs. and seven feet tall, you may be resigned to ordering custom-tailored pants. Any fine men's clothier can provide you with the services of a good tailor, though it often costs 50 to 100 dollars to completely rebuild a pair of pants that originated on the rack.

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