Men's Beach Wear

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Every event requires the right outfit. A night at the opera requires a suit or tuxedo while a day spent painting a house requires something less formal. Even a day at the beach requires proper clothing. Beach wear is intended to provide protection from the sun's rays while adding flair to your wardrobe.

Men's Beach Wear: Shirts and More

Men's beach wear is a multi-million dollar industry. Every year, men around the world flock to stores to stock up on beach shirts, shorts, hats, and sandals. It is also increasingly common for men to purchase beach wear from a catalog or online retailer. Online retailers typically have the lowest prices and largest selections, and more consumers are turning to internet stores to purchase their necessities.

The Hawaiian shirt is one of the most important articles of men's beach wear. Hawaiian shirts are designed to be loose fitting and comfortable for a day at the beach. The loose, button-up design helps keep you cool while protecting you from UV radiation. Combined with adequate sunscreen, a Hawaiian shirt is the best protection against skin conditions caused by sun exposure.

Shorts and sandals are also important items of men's beach wear. Sandals will protect sensitive feet from hot sand, broken glass, pop tops, and other sharp objects. Shorts will protect your legs from the sun and unless you're visiting the nude beach, they are also required. It is not difficult to find a pair of stylish shorts to match your equally stylish Hawaiian shirt. Not only will you be protected from the sun, but you'll also be the best dressed person on the beach.

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