Men's Hawaiian Shirts

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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One of the criteria a lot of shoppers value when hunting for men's Hawaiian shirts is authenticity. It's easy to go into your local Target or Wal-Mart and find men's Hawaiian shirts that were manufactured in places like Malaysia or the Philippines. True Hawaiian shirts, however--that is, "Aloha" shirts--have their origins in the Hawaiian Islands, home to makers such as Royal Hawaiian Creations and the Kamehameha Garment Company.

Men's Hawaiian shirts abound in pima cotton, polyester, rayon, and a host of other fabrics. Some are pure 100-percent cloth, while others are blended for easier care and maintenance. A silk Hawaiian shirt, needless to say, should never be machine laundered, as this is a sure-fire way to destroy the integrity of the fabric. Instead, entrust all your silk garments to a professional dry cleaner.

Patterns of Men's Hawaiian Shirts

When it comes to men's Hawaiian shirts, the usual gauges of quality men's wear such as thread counts and collar styles take a back seat. In their place pops up one central issue--the pattern or design. People already expect Hawaiian shirts to be daring or even aggressive in their aesthetics. The question is, how big a statement do you wish to make?

From the Bird of Paradise and Bamboo designs to the Kapa and Lei Lady, Hawaiian shirts offer a plethora of abstract styles that make ostentatiousness their focus. Styles such as the Island Dancer or Orchid Panel are somewhat more modest, but remember that this is relative to a hugely immodest standard. Wearing a toned-down Hawiian shirt is not unlike dealing with the sanest resident of an insane asylum.

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