Men's Sweaters

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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The world of men's sweaters isn't nearly as dull as many men perceive it to be. There are, for instance, a dozen fabrics that present themselves as legitimate choices, some 100-percent pure, others blends of two or more materials. There are also just as many collar varieties to match, from crew necks and cardigans to Polo cuts and turtlenecks--and that's before one even takes color into account.

If you're like a lot of guys, however, you have a few hangups about wearing men's sweaters. Whether your mom sent you off to first grade adorned in a reindeers-and-sleds sweater, or whether you simply picture those annoyingly perfect tanned and gleaming faces inside your typical L.L. Bean winter catalog, rest assured, sweaters occupy a high perch in the world of men's fashion. Not only can you wear them over t-shirts, you can layer them over short-sleeve collared shirts, button-downs, or dress shirts as well.

The Versatility of Men's Sweaters

Even most "business casual" workplaces condone men's sweaters as part of their dress code. While cubicle-dwellers in places like Miami, Houston, Phoenix, and L.A. rarely get to their strut their mad sweater skillz, their toiling brethren in Middle America, the northwest corridor, the upper Midwest, and most of the eastern seaboard all have occasion to break out the cable-knits and merino wool with some regularity. For those lucky (or cold) enough to have this privilege, there's an endless litany of style choices awaiting.

One is to go with the European intellectual look and combine a black turtleneck with a pair of black slacks. You may also elect the bundled-up-for-snowball-fight appearance, in which bulk (and warmth) reigns supreme over any style consideration. Finally, the athletic club ensemble, which boasts brightly colored Polo sweaters, though usually draped over the shoulders, is another fixture in the men's fashion arena, though one that has, mercifully, been relegated to the fringes everywhere outside of country clubs.

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