Men's Tuxedos

Written by Serena Berger
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Many men think of tuxedos as extremely stuffy and may even be uncomfortable in them. Part of this is attributable to the fact that most men wear tuxedos maybe two or three times: a prom, their wedding, and possibly a child’s wedding. Depending on your lifestyle, however, you might find yourself wearing a tuxedo more often--particularly if you attend the theater or fundraisers regularly.

Tuxedos do not have to be plain and boring. They can really express your personal style. If wearing black and white makes you feel too much like a penguin, perhaps you want to get a silver or gray tuxedo, or wear a different colored vest with your tuxedo. You can also change things up by replacing the bow tie with a tie that more resembles a business suit tie.

Different Styles of Men’s Tuxedo Shirts

The tuxedo shirt comes in three basic styles: wing collar, mandarin collar and laydown collar. The most common is the wing collar, which is often paired with a bow tie and cummerbund. You are supposed to wear the cummerbund with its pleats facing upward. Depending on how formal the affair is, you may also want to accessorize with a hat or cufflinks.

An interesting thing to note about tuxedo pants is that they do not have belt loops. If you are purchasing a tuxedo, make sure that you get the pants tailored to fit you. You might also want to pick up a pair of black or white suspenders. It is also very rare to find formal pants with cuffs, so you should have your pants hemmed to suit the shoes you are likely to wear with the tuxedo.

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