Monogrammed Handkerchiefs

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Monogrammed handkerchiefs are to Kleenex what the Rolls Royce is to the minivan. Sure, soccer moms and do-it-yourself dads get plenty of mileage from their domestic vehicles, just as you get plenty of versatility from your standard-order tissues. Rarely, however, do people stop and admire your box of scented Puffs. Nor do they confer a sense of privilege or refinement the way monogrammed handkerchiefs can.

Choose to have your first initial printed boldly in the corner of your kerchief, or opt instead for your first and last initials side by side. Some folks prefer to give center stage to their middle initial by sandwiching it between their first and last initials. Find yourself a custom tailor, and you can have your pick. Not only that, you can elect to have your initials hand stitched into the fabric as opposed to merely printed.

The Look of Monogrammed Handkerchiefs

Above all else, monogrammed handkerchiefs are meant to work in relation to your ensemble. The world of men's fashion is woefully short on outlets for self-expression, generally limiting men to funky ties and distinctive wristwatches. A few dapper dudes set themselves apart by using chain-link pocket watches, the perfect companion piece to monogrammed handkerchiefs.

The overwhelming majority of kerchiefs are plain white and tailored from 100-percent cotton or linen. They tend to be cut in squares (as opposed to rectangles), for easy folding into triangles; it is, after all, the corner of your folded kerchief that's suitable for removing motes from one's eye, though less discreet tasks such as the wiping of fogged glasses are more easily accomplished using the surface area, not the points.

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