Novelty Shirts

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Hawaiian shirt makers have traditionally used floral themes. Images of indigenous flowers and plants have graced Hawaiian shirts since they were first produced. Hibiscus, orchids, coconut trees, and pineapples are still commonly seen on Hawaiian shirts. Other traditional designs feature fish and other animals that can be found in the tropical islands. Lizards and ornately plumed birds are often seen.

Novelty Shirts Show the World What You Love

In order to keep up with changing times and changing demand, though, shirt makers have had to expand their product lines to appeal to more people with diverse interests. This is where novelty shirts thrive. Hawaiian shirt makers produce novelty shirts to attract customers who enjoy the comfort of Hawaiian shirts, but don't necessarily want a tropical design. More novelty designs are created all the time.

A novelty shirt is basically any shirt with a non-traditional theme. Novelty shirts can feature images of various activities from all walks of life. Some common novelty shirt themes involve sports or other recreational activities like gambling. Other novelty shirts might have a social theme, like alcohol. Some are intended to display an appreciation for various lifestyles such as motorcycling or classic cars.

Novelty shirts are becoming more popular everyday. They add an extra dimension to a wardrobe and make a statement about their owner. Novelty shirts announce who you are and what you are into. They can be a great way to meet new people who share similar interests and world views.

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