Pocket Squares

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Pocket squares offer you your chance to shine as a fledgling fashionista. Take an ordinary blue, gray, black, or white suit and inject it with a shot of pizazz with a silk or linen pocket square in your breast pocket. The point is to let your pocket squares buttress your overall look by adding just a dash of color and style, not to let it command the spotlight and detract from your more enduring pieces.

One of the joys of pocket squares is that they may be folded in dozens of ways. Opt for a simple "Presidential" style, square, angular, and appropriate for formal or regimented occasions. Take a page from Gary Cooper's play book and puff and fluff your pocket square as you see fit. In between the strictures of the Presidential square and the looseness of the Cooper is the Cagney, which bursts upward, out of the breast pocket, with multiple points at once.

More Suggestions for Pocket Squares

In addition to these "star-style" pocket square formations, there are a handful of permutations from which to choose. These include straight and diagonal "shell" folds, so named for their overlapping segments, as well as the one-, two-, three-, and four-point folds, all of which are self-explanatory. There are winged-puff folds, reverse-puff folds, even the TV fold, which can be raised or lowered to a protruding height of your own satisfaction.

All of this wrangling over the folding of pocket squares may strike some as an exercise in irrelevance, but stop and consider that there was once a time when the same could be said of traditional cravats or ties. The man who conquers multiple pocket square presentations marks his graduation from the ranks of the slovenly and his full-fledged emergence as a gentleman. Those men eager to break from the pack and catch the eye of the "mannered" classes take note!

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