Resort Shirts

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Do everyone a favor, and leave your resort shirts at home unless you're actually in Hawaii, the Caribbean, or some other tropical paradise. It's not that your co-workers have a natural antipathy toward coconuts and palm fronds. It's just that such style choices are better served by their context, which in this case is Majorca or Fiji, not Megasoft or Acme Corp.

Some men opt for resort shirts on the golf course, which is defensible. The gently swaying pines and the sand traps are enough to justify the casual garb, which, despite its classification as such, often costs more than some designers' formal wear. A shirt from a premium collection of men's resort wear can easily fetch 200 or 300 dollars, depending on whose name is stitched inside the collar.

Choices in Resort Shirts

If it's your name that's lettered on the frosted glass door, and you're damned if anyone will tell you what to wear in your office, at least have the good sense to match your ensemble accordingly. Resort shirts with bold or "fashion forward" designs can be catchy, but wear them with solid khakis, linen pants, or even jeans. Those who cross the line into formal wear (say, by mixing their resort shirts with any type of dress pants) do so at their own indiscretion.

It's not impossible to pull off a stylish ensemble with the help of a subtle resort shirt, provided it sports modest patterns and a muted color scheme. Just remember that you're already making a statement through your pattern selection. That means there's no need to gild the lily by purchasing bright yellow, orange, or green shirts unless you're determined to look like a tourist.

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