Robert Talbott Belts

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Robert Talbott belts are tailored for any number of occasions both formal and casual. There are tubular "stretch"-variety belts in a rainbow of colors, any of which is an excellent highlight in an otherwise drab or conservative outfit. Be advised, however, that a red- or orange-colored stretch belt is rarely (if ever) appropriate with formal wear. If your name is emblazoned on the side of your jet, an exception might be made.

Since Robert Talbott is a designer of sophistication and distinction, it's only fitting that the bulk of his belts are geared for formal wear. A calfskin or nubuck brown belt picks up the splash made by a stunning pair of polished wingtip or square-toed dress shoes and helps anchor a white, tan, or even gray suit. A separatist throng of the fashionable even insists that brown and black are now complementary to one another, though it takes extra panache to pull this off with confidence.

Various Robert Talbott Belts

Other Robert Talbott belts include handmade Italian and English leather pieces as the bridle or horsehide belt. The dark mocha and licorice hues make for a striking contrast with their brightly polished D-ring buckles, whether in silver or gold. Oftentimes, more darkly complected and dark-haired individuals find silver to be most suitable to their natural appearance, while fair-skinned and light-eyed shoppers get more mileage out of brighter metals. Of course, this is only a general guideline.

Some Robert Talbott belts showcase clean lines and unadulterated leather while others make use of studs or woven patterns. It all depends on how much detail and intricacy you prefer in your ensemble. Plain brown or black Robert Talbott belts might be more flattering alongside highly stylized or exotic ties, kerchiefs, and fabric patterns, while braided and French-embossed belts can spice up a more traditional suit.

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