Robert Talbott Shirts

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Robert Talbott shirts have been helping men and women achieve greater distinction since 1958, the year that the Talbotts, Robert and Audrey, opened their first retail shop on California's Monterey Peninsula. Since then, the entire Talbott line has undergone a continuous metamorphosis, albeit without compromising the company's cherished principles. These include the manufacture of first-rate men's and women's wear, in terms of both quality and style.

Aficionados of fine men's wear often turn to European designers such as Zegna, Armani, or Gucci. The bias in the fashion industry has always been toward European design, which has sold itself largely on exclusivity, or at least the perception of it. The truth is, there are many American designers worthy of going toe to toe with the Pradas and Vuittons of the world.

The Makings of Great Men's Wear

The same qualities that make for a one-of-a-kind home or automobile go into the production of unique men's wear. Flawless design, high-quality materials, and uncompromising construction are but a few of the hallmarks of any leading brand, whether it's Bentley, Herman Miller, Hickey Freeman, you name it. At the same time, top retailers commit themselves to unbeatable customer service by staffing their stores and outlets with attentive and knowledgeable workers.

Great men's wear is also, paradoxically, universal as much as it is unique. While the end result, namely the ensemble of multiple pieces put together with an eye toward fashion, should be individualistic, the quality of those pieces ought to be predictably spectacular whether they're being sold in Venice, Italy or Venice Beach, California. Leading trendsetters have spent a small fortune to emblazon their names on their clothing and therefore aren't about to dilute their product by skimping on quality.

Robert Talbott Shirts Fill the Bill

Robert Talbott shirts satisfy the criteria for leading men's wear not only for the reasons stated above, but for their versatility as well. Unlike many competing brands, Talbott shirts are designed for men in the boardroom, at the ballgame, at black-tie galas, and on the couch relaxing for the weekend. Whether you choose your Robert Talbott shirts from the Estate Collection, Sport Shirt Collection, or any other line, you can rest assured that your clothes are suited to the occasion.

Robert Talbott shirts offer several advantages over off-the-rack wear, including that of other leading American designers such as Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren. Robert Talbott shirts are hand-sewn from 100-percent natural fibers for superior feel and breathability. They also come in an array of collar designs, from classic button-down and medium-spread collars to Oxford round and scalloped spread.

More on Robert Talbott Shirts

The choices in collar style are meant to present men with options to compliment their specific features and traits. Straight and pointed collars, for example, can give men with "rounder" features more angularity. Similarly, rounded collars can help soften more "pointed" facial features. Some collars on Robert Talbott shirts come with sewn-in "stays" that give them more rigidity and, hence, a greater formality. Others may have the stays removed for a more relaxed look.

Finally, Robert Talbott shirts boast enough patterns to satisfy conservative and daring dressers alike. Solid whites, tans, and blues can contribute to a classic look, especially when supported by a fantastic black suit or print tie. On their own, however, herringbone- or houndstooth-patterned shirts stand apart from the pack and help dress up otherwise "safe" or casual ensembles.

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