Robert Talbott Ties

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Robert Talbott ties cover a spectrum of looks that are fitting for everything from graduations to weekend outings. As a finer men's apparel retailer, Robert Talbott invests the same craftsmanship and applies the same quality control standards to ties in each of his various collections, from Estate and Bond Street ties to his "college" ties. As a consumer, you're guaranteed the same longevity from your purchase no matter how much "refinement" or "sophistication" goes into it.

The most luxurious tie in the Robert Talbott collection is the seven-fold tie, which takes its name from the manner in which its silk is folded back on itself repeatedly for a consistent look and feel throughout. Other designers swap in wool and other linings to help defray the high cost of producing 100-percent silk ties, but Robert Talbott makes no such substitutions. The price tag on these limited edition seven-fold ties is, quite naturally, higher, but for men in search of the best hand-made ties on the market, Robert Talbott is widely considered the last stop.

Additional Robert Talbott Ties

The seven-fold isn't suited for all men, and the makers of Robert Talbott ties know this, which is why they've diversified their collection. The Best of Class collection might not have the same cachet as the Seven Fold series, but the ties in this family still uphold the values of their creator, namely comfort, luxury, and brilliant looks. The collection includes striped versions such as the Fleur de Soie and Mogador as well as patterned selections such as the Super Yarn and the Super Jacquard.

For throwbacks to a former era, the Traditional collection emphasizes strong stripes and conservative colors such as burgundy and navy. Even the names, which include the Kings Dragoon Guards and Royal Navy Brigadier Regimental, sound forceful, even draconian. Robert Talbott ties from this collection are a smart way to add a touch of austerity to an otherwise "fashion-forward" ensemble.

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