Silk Ties

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Nothing begs to be touched quite the way that hand-stitched silk ties do. For those who feel that silk shirts are a bit too lavish for their modest tastes, silk ties are the perfect compromise. They indicate that you are a man of style, yet modest at the same time. By contrast, a gaudy silk shirt may scream out its conspicuousness, which is not always the ideal way to make friends in the corporate world.

Great silk ties should be hand woven and consist of 100-percent silk. While cloth ties often appear muted and two-dimensional, silk ties help create a fuller look that leaps out from a white or blue French-cuff collared shirt. A lot of men prefer to buy these ties as combination packages with shirts, as they're able to see the complementary colors or patterns between the two garments.

Buying Silk Ties with Shirts

Another reason so many guys purchase their silk ties with button-downs or dress shirts is simple: that's how they're packaged and sold by retailers. Ever walked into a leading men's apparel store and found a fanned-out display of striking combinations? This is one way for newcomers to fashion to choose their style pieces with confidence. No, it's not your imagination; those golden droplets on that silk tie's paisley pattern do in fact complement the rich purple tone of the Oxford shirt beneath it.

Starting off with solid-colored silk ties is a smart way to build your accessories lineup from the ground up. Primary color ties, as well as slates, rarely go out of fashion and provide you ample leeway for your dress-shirt shopping, just as investing in "standards" on the shirt side liberates you to be bolder with your accents. Combining patterned shirts with patterned ties is actually acceptable in some instances, but this is best left to connoisseurs of high fashion, not beginners.

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