Tailored Shirts

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Tailored shirts are the difference between men of style and men of excellence, at least as far as fashion is concerned. The differences may be subtle, but tailored shirts seem to be magically built for their wearers while off-the-rack shirts may be marred by excess fabric, loose seams, and other such maladies. Rest assured that there's nothing magical or mystical about tailored shirts; a good tailor works diligently and meticulously toward his or her final product (and often charges a handsome fee for it).

Where might you see the difference that a tailored shirt makes in your overall ensemble? For one, your collar will be perfectly spread so that it's neither suffocating or expansive. Your sleeves will run to the base of your thumb and won't creep up your wrist every time you bend your elbow. You'll also notice that you're not stopping to tuck your shirt tails into your pants every 15 minutes.

Subtleties of Tailored Shirts

Much of the appeal of tailored shirts is found in subtle details that only you, the wearer, will notice. The armhole may be cut a bit wider to accommodate your hand (and, hence, your arm), which can add precious years to the life of your shirt. Anyone who's ever stretched out his shirt while fumbling to find the "armscye" from inside the shirt is already well aware of this problem.

Tailored shirts also boast specialty stitches that help affix sleeves, cuffs, collars, and buttons more permanently than their mass-produced counterparts do. A pad stitch or felling stitch can add more body or shape to a garment or just ensure its durability over time. While some sewing machines can be programmed to make these stitches, they are hardly a stand-in for the skills of a seasoned tailor.

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