Tori Richard Shirts

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Tori Richard shirts have been around for nearly 50 years and continue set the standard for the men's Hawaiian shirt market. The elegant design and superb craftsmanship that go into every shirt help refute the common misconception that there's no place for the Hawaiian shirt in modern life outside of the beaches of Kaui or Honolulu. A Marimba or Murano golf shirt makes a bold impression, even at cocktail hour after work.

Still, the lion's share of Tori Richard shirts are made with resort life in mind. Their relaxed fits and striking prints are suited to the spas of Club Med or the golf courses of Pebble Beach, not the corporate boardroom. Their breathable fabric and lightweight design keep their owners comfortable whether teeing off at high noon or stretching out on a chaise long by the pool late in the afternoon.

Styles of Tori Richard Shirts

Tori Richard shirts like the Balboa or Tile Travelers boast geometric patterns and play almost like the squares of a tiled quilt. Individual frames may sport palm trees or opt for more abstract "flag" patterns that blend together like a painted mural. The Marquises golf shirt, by contrast, offers everything from fish and turtles to flowers and undersea vegetation.

Even the Mayorca and Palmyra styles, which prefer patterns over more graphic depictions of aquatic life and flora, are equally striking. Their contrasting colors and zigzag shapes make a startling impression and are therefore best matched by more understated pieces such as solid pants and hats. Accessorizing with your Tori Richard shirts is a delicate matter, as these pieces' intricate designs rule out a host of options from the patterned world.

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