Tuxedo Sales

Written by Serena Berger
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Several factors go into the decision whether to purchase a tuxedo or simply rent one. If you only plan on wearing the tuxedo one time (such as for a prom or wedding), you may be less inclined to buy a tuxedo. If you decide, however, that you do not want to be wearing the same tuxedo that has been worn by several people on what will arguably be the most important day of your life, you should consider buying your tuxedo. Tuxedo sales make it possible to purchase a new tuxedo at an affordable price.

Most formal-wear stores both rent and sell tuxedos, providing you with the opportunity to see a large selection of styles before you commit to either renting or buying. Many stores also sell used tuxedos that are in good condition. If you are required to wear a tuxedo for work, buying a used tuxedo can lead to substantial savings over a new tuxedo.

Special Deals for Group Tuxedo Sales

Many stores offer specials on tuxedo sales if you will be bringing them a lot of business. For example, some store give the groom his tuxedo for free if the rest of the wedding party purchases their tuxedos from the same location. If you are renting a tuxedo, many stores will offer similar specials--if nothing is posted, there is no harm in asking the salesperson if they have such deals.

When you purchase a tuxedo, don’t forget to buy your accessories. You’ll probably want to pick up a pair of black or white suspenders, as well as a tie or bow tie and cummerbund or vest. Cufflinks and studs can also be purchased or rented--just make sure that you get a French cuff shirt so that you can use the cufflinks. You may want to get a hat and cane, but it's best to check with your host or describe the event to an expert at the store because that level of formality may not necessarily be appropriate.

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