Tuxedo Vests

Written by Serena Berger
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Tuxedo vests are a lovely contemporary option to complete a formal ensemble. They can add a subtle touch of personality to your attire, and come in a variety of cuts and styles that enable you to find the most flattering cut for you. From the understated to the attention-grabbing, consider the range of vests available to you when you choose your tuxedo.

Tuxedo vests are usually worn with a matching tie rather than bow tie and cummerbund. While this combination is unlikely to be appropriate at white tie affairs, you can have some fun with it at less formal events. This is not to say that you should find a bright neon green tuxedo vest (unless you have every intention of standing out and have a date who doesn’t mind if you do), but you can find a wide variety of styles that can have a subtle, but significant effect on the appearance of the ensemble.

You can find a diverse selection of both colors and styles of tuxedo vests. Silk, pique, satin, and jacquard tuxedo vests are available in many different colors and styles. Regardless of the style of your tuxedo vest, be sure that you select a matching tie so that your ensemble appears coordinated and not as though it were thrown together at the last minute.

Tuxedo Vests for Weddings

One option to consider for weddings is wearing a basic black tuxedo vest while your groomsmen wear vests that match the color of the bridesmaids’ dresses. This can set the groom apart from the rest of the wedding party, and usually makes for particularly lovely pictures. If you are the groom and your friends seem a little reluctant to participate in a formal affair, ask your bride if she would mind allowing each groomsman to choose his own vest or tie--this is a fair alternative, similar to how the brides often allow their bridesmaids to choose the style or color of their gowns.

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