Used Tuxedos

Written by Serena Berger
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Buying a used tuxedo is an increasingly popular choice for those who need to wear a tuxedo on multiple occasions. Renting a tuxedo makes sense when you will wear it once or when you have to get a style (typically for a wedding) that you don’t actually like very much. But if formal events for which you can choose your own attire occur with any frequency (and that may be as infrequently as once a year or so), it may be more cost efficient to purchase a used tuxedo than to rent.

Formal-wear stores exquisitely care for their rentals, and the same care goes into cleaning and caring for the used tuxedos that they sell. You can save a significant amount of money by purchasing a used tuxedo instead of a brand new one. Many times, you will not even be able to tell the difference between a new tuxedo and a used one.

When you buy a used tux, you may just be purchasing the pants and coat; most stores also sell used shirts, vests, ties and other accessories, however, to complete the look. You can purchase used accessories such as cummerbunds to replace ones that are either lost or damaged instead of paying full price for new accessories. When you visit the nearest formal-wear store, they may not put their full stock of used tuxedos and accessories on the sales floor; you should ask a salesman if they have any stock in inventory.

Jobs that Require Used Tuxedos

Some jobs such as bartenders for corporate events, wait staff, or theater staff require employees to wear tuxedos. It is probably not necessary for such employees to wear a brand new tuxedo, as after a few weeks of employment it is likely to show signs of wear anyway. A more reasonable alternative is to purchase a used tuxedo. Chances are no one will even be able to tell!

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