Vineyard Vines Ties

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Vineyard Vines ties depart from the standard lineup of stodgy "power" ties typically associated with those in stuffy or conservative jobs. Their greatest appeal is that they manage to break free of the "solids and bars" strictures yet still afford their wearers comfort and elegance. That's because Vineyard Vines ties are cut from 100-percent silk and hand made with double lining.

Exacting standards are in order for any manufacturer laying the ground for dancing frog or football patterns. Playful and whimsical patterns such as these can't help but call attention to themselves, so it's imperative that your tie's quality keep up its end of the bargain. Cute animals and cartoons might draw their fair share of smiles, but when your admirers stop to inspect them up close, you want to be sure that there are no wrinkles, puckers, or hanging threads to compromise your look.

Styles of Vineyard Vines Ties

If amphibians and pigskins aren't your cup of tea, rest assured that Vineyard Vines ties run the gamut of other creatures and sports icons (among other things). Horses, dogs, fish, and birds number plentifully in the Vineyard Vines stable, as do lobsters, bears, and bees. Should you feel at risk of being confused with a card-carrying PETA or World Wildlife Federation member, you can always go back to diagonal stripes or checks.

Of all the various Vineyard Vines ties that symbolize recreation and leisure, it's golf ties that take the top spot for sheer popularity. Even if you'd never be caught in a necktie while teeing off or putting, golf ties featuring clubs, balls, sand traps, and other icons of the game are an instant conversation piece, especially among fellow golfers. Ties such as these aren't likely to lower your handicap, but they are great ice-breakers that can lead to unplanned weekend outings with co-workers or even your boss.

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