Wedding Tuxedos

Written by Serena Berger
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There are several factors that go into the choice of a wedding tuxedo. First and foremost should be the groom’s personal sense of style and taste. The decision, however, should not be made independently of the bride’s style, as both of you will be looking at the wedding pictures for years to come. You should also consider the time of day and location of the wedding so that you can select an appropriate tuxedo.

If you will be having a wedding party with groomsmen and ushers, it is customary that a theme be carried out in the style of the tuxedos. For example, if the groom intends to wear a wedding tuxedo coat with tails, you will probably ask your ushers and fathers to dress similarly. Conversely, if you will not be wearing a coat with tails (which are usually reserved for the most formal affairs), it would not be appropriate for members of your wedding party to be attired in tails.

Your choice of a wedding tuxedo will (or at least should) be influenced dramatically by the setting. If you are being married at sunset on a beach, you may want to opt for a tuxedo in a lighter tone. Of course, if your bride-to-be is planning to look elegant, but not formal, you should plan to dress accordingly. The last thing you want is to give the impression of upstaging the bride on her wedding day.

The Shopping Trip for Your Wedding Tuxedo

Shopping for your wedding tuxedo can be a daunting task. You may want to bring your fiancée along so that you can make the decision together (even though you might not be invited to help her pick out a wedding dress). If she’s not up to the task, bring a friend or two along for support. They can provide you with honest feedback about how the tuxedo looks, keep pushy salespeople at bay, and make sure that you’re not overwhelmed by the task at hand.

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