Boy Scout Patches

Written by Norene Anderson
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Boy Scout patches are designed to recognize specific steps of accomplishments that each boy attains as he progresses through the program. The Boy Scouts of America has been an organization since 1910. Its purpose for being is the education and training of boys in responsibilities that will make them stronger in character and personal fitness.

The badge identifying the status and troop location has changed in design since the beginning. From 1924 to 1932, the first cloth Eagle badge was made. In 1933, the lettering was changed from "BSA" to "Be Prepared" and "Eagle Scout, Boy Scouts of America." There were other changes made up until 1989, and that is the design that still holds today. There are patches identifying the various levels and accomplishments of boys in the scouting program.

A Variety of Boy Scout Patches

There are many types of Boy Scout patches. There are Council patches used to identify the location of the troop. There are Summer Camp patches to distinguish the location of the summer campsite. There are Cub Scout patches specifying the location of certain activities such as scout day camp or the parent and son weekend.

There are all kinds of Boy Scout patches available on the Internet. It just takes a few minutes to find a reputable source to have patches designed specifically for a local troop. It is also a great way to locate patches for collectors. Find all the information needed with just a few clicks of the mouse. Designing a patch is easy with the help that is available online.

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