Written by Norene Anderson
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Embroidery has been used as a form of art on various types of fabric. It is used to create a picture or design on canvas, linen, or some other type of material. This is done by using thread that is usually wool or special floss. The thread comes in all colors imaginable. This gives the designer the opportunity to create any kind of color scheme needed to produce the desired results.

There are many kinds of embroidery stitches. For the beginner, this can be overwhelming. It really is not that difficult to learn each stitch. The best way is to learn one really well before moving to another. Before long, all the stitches will be easy. The combination of the various stitches will make a beautiful design that is complex and intriguing.

Many Uses for Embroidery

Pillowcases, tablecloths, linen napkins, and other such household items have been decorated with hand-stitched embroidered designs. This is a very delicate and often time-consuming way to have the personal touch. Today, much of the embroidered work is done by sewing machines. There are special plates or computerized settings that makes it possible for all kinds of designs to be made in just a matter of minutes.

There are also companies that design and produce all kinds of professional embroidered patches. This includes embroidery patches for such organizations as the Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, various law enforcement departments, school athletic accomplishments, all military branches, and many more. It is quick and easy to find all kinds of embroidered designs on the Internet.

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