Hat Pins

Written by Norene Anderson
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Hat pins are rapidly becoming one of the hottest items for collecting and trading. The only kind of hat pin used to be the one that ladies put in their hat to keep it in place and to add some fashion. That is no longer the case. These modern pins represent every style from elegant to fun. Now, all kinds of sports teams are having pins made to wear on hats and caps. These are often made in a series to add value to the collection.

The military has designed hat pins for years to recognize the rank of the individual and the division served. These pins are also given for special accomplishments during a time of war. There are pins for Special Forces. There are pins recognizing veterans of previous wars such as World War II and Vietnam.

Design Your Hat Pins

There are fish hat pins that have just about every fish imaginable. The pins made for baseball teams are a collector's dream. It is amazing how many pins there are for the diehard fan to get. Even though baseball pins may be the most popular to collect and trade, there are other sports that attract many collectors. One sport that is in close running is soccer.

If you need a hat pin designed, all you have to do is a rough sketch and a thorough description of the pin. A reputable company will take your information, do a proof picture for you, and produce the pins within a reasonable amount of time. All work should come with satisfaction guaranteed. Most companies can do all the planning through communication by email. You never have to leave the comfort of home to get the order placed and delivered to your doorstep.

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