Police Patches

Written by Norene Anderson
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Police patches are typically designed with an image that reflects something significant about the city or local area. If the town or city has a seal, this will often be the starting point for the design. It may also have something that represents a momentous event in the history of the locality. In some cases, this may be an honor to individuals lost in a tragedy or to a national monument.

If the location is mountainous, many times the police patches will have a representation of the mountains as the background to the design. It is also quite common to have the year the city or township was incorporated. After a city has a centennial celebration, this may be incorporated into patches that are designed following the event. Some patches are designed to depict a particular industry that made the town famous.

Police Patches Serve a Purpose

The police patch is full of information about the location and the individual. It includes identification such as "LAPD" for the Los Angeles Police Department or "NYPD" for the New York Police Department. The city and state are easily identified on police patches. It is also easy to recognize the particular precinct where the officer works.

There are individuals who collect patches of the various police departments across the nation. This is particularly noted when there is a major event in the city. When historical moments happen, it makes the collection of that local patch a hot item. Patches for any police department can be found quickly and easily on the Internet. If a new design is needed, it is easy to find a reputable company to fill the need.

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