Silk Screen T-shirts

Written by Norene Anderson
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Silk screen T-shirts are a very popular method of promoting an idea or a product. Silk screening is a method of color printing where the ink is pushed through a stencil. This stencil is placed over a screen designed to block out certain areas of the image, allowing the ink to go through onto specific parts of the printing surface. This process is also known as serigraphy.

Silk screen T-shirts are made by printing a photo or message on the fabric using either a silk or polyester screen, a stencil, some type of screen filler drawing fluid, or photo emulsion and ink for printing. The design is cut out on a surface material that has been applied to the screen. Ink is then forced through the areas in the screen soaking the T-shirt in the pattern designed. The shirt is then put through a process of heating to set the colors and make it permanent.

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The ink used to silk screen T-shirts is thicker than regular ink. It should be creamy smooth and offer a variety of colors including fluorescent and iridescent. That gives depth and an eye-catching appeal to the design. All paint that is used on T-shirts should be non-toxic and guaranteed to hold true color, wash after wash. The type of heat setting used is very important to maintaining the color.

The Internet is a great resource for learning about silk screening and how to get the best for the price. Careful design and the right material can bring much success when advertising a product or event. Many companies use this type of promotion to raise money for charitable events or just to tell the public about their existence.

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