Written by Josh Dodes
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For generations, acne has been considered nothing more or less than an unfortunate fact of life. While, in recent years, a handful of increasingly effective topical creams and ointments have made it possible to play strong defense against pimples as they pop up, the lion's share of so-called "acne remedies" have in fact made no effort to serve a more aggressively preventive role. As such, even the most robust treatment regimens have proven only skin deep.

Thanks to the innovation and open-mindedness of a handful of alternative doctors with dermatological specialties, that situation is finally changing. Recognizing that, like so many superficial health issues, pimples are simply the external manifestation of an internal buildup of toxins, these remarkable healers have devised a new regimen that works from both without and within. This regimen not only hits acne where it appears; it hits it where it lives.

A Natural Acne Solution

Perhaps best of all, both the external and internal components of these alternative treatment regimens are completely natural. Drawing on centuries of received wisdom about Chinese herbal medicine, these regimens' designers provide topical creams and orally ingested medication that help to detoxify your body without adding any new toxins. And of course, the use of fully natural ingredients means that these unique treatments have no known side effects.

So why wait any longer? Unless you would prefer to play catch-up with emerging pimples, rather than staying ahead of them in the first place, you owe it to yourself to learn as much as you can about these natural skin care remedies. The dividends that result from the time you invest today searching for a natural skin treatment could be more substantial than you have imagined.

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