Acne Care

Written by Josh Dodes
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Whether you are confronting the all-too-familiar adolescent scourge of acne or suffering from similar problems as an adult, you may be surprised to learn that acne care has recently seen something of a revolution. No, we are not referring to the latest, slightly altered topical cream or spray. We are referring to a sea change in the way that acne itself is perceived.

For generations, acne, like so many other dermatological problems, has been perceived as a self-contained issue with a self-contained solution. But as alternative practitioners have long known, and traditional Chinese medicine has long taught, dermatological problems are far more likely to be the external manifestation of a deeper systemic imbalance. As such, a truly effective acne cure must work at both the surface and at the root of the problem.

Bifurcated Acne Care

Such bifurcated acne care is precisely what a handful of leading alternative practitioners have recently introducing. Combining herbal creams to address acne from the outside and orally ingested herbal medications to detoxify the body and restore balance form the inside, these new approaches succeed where more superficial ones have failed. Better still, because every element of the best new regimens is herbal, there are no known side effects.

We advise that you do as much independent research as you can, and then we advise that you trust your instincts. If a topical solution seems too good to be true, it probably is. As with so many things in life, only a comprehensive, truly holistic approach can hope to get the job done in full.

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